Bartle’s test

Since some other bloggers are taking this, i went to Guildcafe and took it and got the following results:

Breakdown: (Achiever 93.33%, Explorer 46.66%, Killer 46.6666666666667%, Socializer 13.33%)

People with high Achiever scores tend to prefer collecting points, levels, treasure and accomplishments that set them apart from other players–or simply present challenges.

Makes sense… every single thing i do in the game is a step towards a greater goal, and i’m always setting goals for myself to keep me motivated. First it was getting to 70, then it was getting geared, then it was Kara, then getting my Epic Flyer, then getting into 25 man raiding. If you think about it, i’ve done a lot of things since i started playing last october… and hopefuly, with the great raid i’ve been running with, i’ll be killing Illidan before Wrath…


~ by Francisco Saavedra on April 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Bartle’s test”

  1. The low Socializer score doesn’t surprise me; I think that I’ve heard you speak perhaps ONCE in the entire time you’ve been in our raid (and then only to answer a question). This is unacceptable! I mean, look at me. I make an ass of myself on Vent on a regular basis — especially when fighting Gruul.

    Oh, how I LOATHE Gruul…

  2. That Gruul wipe was awesome… i think i’ll start bribing the hunters to misdirect to you every week 😛

    (and with that, i’m out of the healing list)

    I usually try to listen more than talk when getting used to a new group… i don’t think i started talking in guild chat until a couple of months after i started playing…

    trust me… in a few weeks you’ll wish i would shut up every once in a while 😛

  3. I LOATHE Gruul with every fiber of my being. That wasn’t the first time that the sonnova monkey smushed me from behind the door. The first time was perhaps a mere week or two after our raid first heading to his lair. I ended up being DI’d following a particularly nasty wipe. I removed the bubble, stepped back, and began ressing others when a hunter — who’d managed to avoid certain death by feigning — stood up a bit too close to the drooler himself and managed to get us into combat. Me? I figure the hunter can fend for himself and adroitly step back behind the gate before it can close. I should be safe, right?

    I wish. This giant mother-fruggin’ meaty paw of death reached through the damned door and squished me into itty-bitty pieces. Thus began my hate of Gruul which persists to this day.

    And, yes. Healing list. You’ve been removed. Consider this your sole warning!

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